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New Year; New Buildings

Investing in the Future - the Trust's ongoing commitment to providing top-tier educational facilities for pupils and staff.

As part of the Trust's unwavering commitment to providing optimal learning environments for pupils and staff, the Equinox Learning Trust is on track to deliver a significant investment of £4 million in new buildings across our academies in 2024, adding to the £5 million in condition improvements for existing buildings since 2020, all of which are over and above the schools’ annual budgets.

Recently Completed Project Work:

  • Electrical and water supply upgrade at Kennet School: Work was completed at Kennet School by the end of 2023 to upgrade its electrical and water supply, ensuring that the school's utilities meet the latest standards and are cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Roof and Bell Tower Renovation at Francis Baily Primary School: At the end of 2022, renovations on the roof and bell tower at Francis Baily were completed, significantly enhancing the main buildings' interior learning environment as well as the external facade.
  • New Kitchen at Whitlands Park Primary School: In 2022 the school was able to realise the full impact of the brand-new kitchen serving the school on a daily basis, something that our new caterers have built upon in Sept 2023 with a full remodel of the menu and daily offer of fresh food in all our schools.

Projects Underway:

  • Francis Baily Primary School – New Eco-Friendly Building for Years 5&6: Site preparations have started, and the build will soon commence at Francis Baily Primary School for a new, eco-friendly building, replacing the current Years 5&6 block. Pupils have participated in the final design stage for the building, which promises to be a collaborative and engaging learning space for all.
  • Kennet School – State-of-the-Art Building for T Level Courses: This new build is nearing completion and will soon provide unique and highly specialised facilities for the T Level courses already underway at Kennet School. To find out more about these cutting-edge industry-linked qualifications, visit the school's website >>>
  • Kennet School – Fire Door Replacement: Recognising the critical role of fire doors in safeguarding lives and property, these are being replaced across the school campus over the coming year.


Looking Ahead
The Trust's central team remains dedicated to seeking additional funding opportunities for further enhancements to the estates of all three schools in the Trust. Bids for the 2024/25 academic year have been submitted, reflecting Equinox Learning Trust's ongoing commitment to providing top-tier educational facilities whilst minimising our impact on the environment. Look out for the opening events for our new buildings over the coming year!