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Policies & Documents

To cultivate a shared vision within the Trust and establish clear, uniform expectations, we actively review our policies and work practices. This process allows us to identify and rectify misalignments across the Trust, promoting consistency and ensuring regulatory compliance.

All Trust policies and documents undergo a standardised procedure before reaching the Board of Directors (or the relevant committee/ Headteacher) for approval. Policies are drafted or reviewed by senior staff members with due regard to relevant legislation and best practice. 

We are committed to aligning with the most recent guidelines provided by the Department for Education to identify and publish the necessary statutory policies. While we strive to make these policies easily accessible, our repository also encompasses a myriad of documents outlining our various processes and procedures. If you don't find the specific information you are seeking below, please feel free to reach out to us. Your enquiries are important to us, and we are here to provide the information and support you need. Contact us for any additional details or clarification >>>

Note: The Equinox Learning Trust was formerly known as Kennet School Academies Trust (KSAT). It was rebranded in January 2024. Documents will be rebranded as and when they are reviewed.


Policies & Procedures




For academy-specific policies and documents, please visit their specific website pages, as detailed below: