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Our Aims & Values

Our Aims


Excellent Education

Our learners and their families are the heart of our everyday

  • To develop an education experience of the highest quality, which generates high aspiration and achievement in pupils at all stages with common core curriculum principles in every school
  • To ensure every individual within our learning community is safe and able to thrive whilst taking appropriate risks
  • To inspire creative and resilient learners

Impactful Employment

We provide our team with development opportunities to be better than they thought they could be

  • To cultivate outstanding leadership and governance through our Leadership Behaviours Framework in every school within our Trust
  • To ensure our culture of flexible and immersible professional development drives excellence in the classroom
  • To create an environment in which staff development at all levels enables growth
  • To ensure staff understand their roles in our purpose-driven organisation and feel part of the team within their school and the Trust

Connected Community

Our Trust relentlessly focusses on improvement and collaboration

  • To be a thriving learning community in which collaboration drives the school improvement priorities
  • To harness the power of networking and centralised services to facilitate system-led school improvement whilst enabling each academy to retain its unique personality and financial autonomy to focus on pupil outcomes
  • To establish and grow our community-based education hub as a model for exceptional education.


Our Values

Keeping Everyone Safe

'Keeping Everyone Safe' is a core principle, fostering a secure and nurturing environment, ensuring physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. It cultivates trust, enabling individuals to flourish, express themselves freely, and engage confidently. This commitment also instils a culture of responsibility, care, and mutual respect, enhancing both individual welfare and the collective strength of the community.

Treat Everyone with Respect

Respect is a cornerstone for positive relationships and a harmonious community. It recognises the inherent worth of every individual, regardless of differences, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity. This value promotes open communication, collaboration, and empathy, creating a culture where kindness and understanding prevail. It's a powerful principle that elevates individuals and the community, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Deliver Excellent Education

Our 'Deliver Excellent Education' value signifies our commitment to a transformative learning experience, emphasising a holistic approach that inspires critical thinking and nurtures lifelong learners. It tailors methods to individual needs, leverages innovative tools, and fosters continuous improvement to adapt to dynamic educational practices. Prioritising excellent education empowers individuals to unlock their full potential, equipping them with skills for navigating an ever-changing world and shaping them to contribute meaningfully to society.

Do the Right Thing

This value is a moral compass, guiding individuals toward ethical actions. It emphasises integrity, fairness, and social responsibility, prioritising honesty, accountability, and empathy. This value is a steadfast dedication to upholding ethical standards, fostering a culture of trust and reliability. It's about embodying principles for the greater good, creating a positive impact personally and collectively.

Work Together

Our value of working together emphasises the power of collaboration, pooling unique talents and skills toward common goals. It fosters creativity, innovation, and mutual support, building a sense of community where collective success is celebrated. This principle acknowledges that collaborative efforts yield greater outcomes than individual endeavours, promoting a spirit of camaraderie and shared success.

Improve Every Day

Our value of 'Improve Every Day' embodies an unwavering commitment to continual growth and advancement. It emphasises the importance of daily progress, embracing opportunities for learning, refining processes, and evolving both individually and collectively. This principle fosters a culture of adaptability, innovation, and self-reflection, empowering individuals and schools to consistently strive for excellence. Better never stops!